A story of transmission and know-how

An exceptional French lingerie brand, Maison Jeanne Young is the result of the work of designer Sophie-Caroline Barre. Her sense of innovation combined with her family history to create top-of-the-range and tailor-made lingerie pieces.

the designer

An engineer by training, having worked for several major international groups, Sophie- Caroline Barre has returned to her childhood passion and has chosen to put it at the service of women by creating luxury lingerie that sublimates their sensuality. This evolution was made through her returning to the student world to learn how to create tailor-made clothing. She made her creative debut at the Lido where she dressed the dancers, at Huit and in the world of weddings.
High-end corsetry is a legacy passion that was never extinguished. Moreover, the desire for innovation let itself in, driven by her past professional life. This is how the Body Grand Dos Nu was born.
Sophie-Caroline Barre personally responds to requests. Whether it is the choice of lace or the shape of the set, each detail is understood and interpreted in an exact and instinctive way by the designer.

Designer’s vision and products books

With the Body Grand Dos Nu, which enhances the most sensual and delicate curve of women, Sophie-Caroline Barre has created the brand's iconic product. Thanks to its unrivalled level of technicality ensuring a perfect and comfortable support regardless of morphology, this bodysuit makes the impossible possible.