The Coffret Jeanne

Each model is unique, designed and manufactured personally for the Maison's customers. For all requests, the Coffret Jeanne is sent. It consists of a sewing tape measure and instructions for taking measurements. The models are designed according to the desires of each woman, with a single objective, that of sublimating the one who wears it. To this end, the clients are in direct contact with the designer of the Maison Jeanne Young , Sophie-Caroline Barre, who provides them with personal advice.

Prices and payment

Prices, starting from 350 Euros, vary according to the model and the choice of lace. Prices include creation and all necessary alterations to create a unique and perfect model. Following the reception of the quote, the order will be confirmed as soon as payment is processed which will be made by credit card via a secure platform.


Purchase or gift

Several possibilities may arise:

If the model is for you, take a few minutes to fill out the form below with your contact information. Sophie-Caroline Barre will call you back to discuss with you and create the model of your dreams.

For the measurements, we will send you the Coffret Jeanne containing a sewing tape. Our corset makers, in our studio in Rennes, will manufacture your model on this basis. Touch-ups or adjustments are of course included in the price.

If you wish to purchase as a gift a Maison Jeanne Young set:

- You can offer a very specific model that has been designed. Fill in the form, and Sophie-Caroline Barre will contact you to provide advice. Once the model has been chosen, and based on the client's usual size, the corset makers in our workshop in Rennes will launch the creation. After receiving the set, Sophie-Caroline Barre will contact the customer to define the necessary adjustments together.

- If you wish to offer a set but let the person choose the model, the Coffret Jeanne set we will send you will allow you to do so. You will simply have to offer her this box set. The customer can then contact our designer Sophie-Caroline Barre directly, who will advise her to create her model. Simply fill out this form to order the Jeanne box set.

To receive The Coffret Jeanne

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